We work with you to put kitchen designs in your customers’ hands.

You need more kitchen designs to make more sales. But…

You’ve probably discovered this major hitch to increasing your revenue:

  • No customer will buy cabinets from you until you give them a kitchen design for the sales quote.

  • Your designers can only create so many designs in one day.

  • But if you hire more designers to handle the workload, you’re just increasing your costs!

That’s where OKD can have a positive impact on your bottom line.
We give you low-cost, fixed-price kitchen designs. Fast. So you can avoid costly new hires and earn the profits you really deserve.

"OKD is my competitive advantage."

- OKD Client
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How Does OKD Help Grow My Business?

We’ve done to kitchen design what Henry Ford did to auto assembly


  • OKD has centralized and streamlined the kitchen design process for maximum efficiency
  • Our team of 46 professional kitchen designers can augment your existing design team, or just be your design team
  • We process thousands of kitchen designs monthly and this lowers your unit cost per design
  • We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you reduce turnaround time for your kitchen designs!

Case Studies

OKD has helped many businesses like yours with low-cost kitchen designs, done fast.

Increase Your Existing Design Team -
Without Hiring Full-Time Staff

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How to Get Started with OKD

  1. We take a proactive approach to understanding and analyzing your sales strategy, customer types, and internal touch points.

  2. Next, we take what we’ve learned to set up a standardized design process that’s controlled by your business and implemented by us.

  3. Continuous quality improvement is built into the process because we identify and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) so your business knows what’s working, what’s not, and where together we can improve.

“If you're ready to grow your business, OKD can be a real game-changer.”

- OKD Client
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Do you have current design staff?

Good. Keep them!

Most of your current design staff are very knowledgeable about your products and understand how your company operates. You need to keep them! They'd be ideal for direct sales or sales support, product development and coordination between OKD and your sales department. Read the Case Study
Don’t have a design staff?

Let OKD be your design staff!

In-house design staff can be expensive. There’s overhead costs and 2020 licenses to purchase. When you hire OKD, you eliminate those overhead costs and the friction that comes from employee turnover. Read the Case Study
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